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A Holy Life

A Holy Life

If you would Live a Holy Life,

Abide in Christ your Sanctification.

Look upon Him as the Holy One of God, made man that He might Communicate to us the Holiness of God.

Listen when Scripture Teaches that there is within you a New Nature, a New Man, Created in Christ Jesus in Righteousness and True Holiness.

Remember that this Holy Nature which is in you is singularly fitted for Living a Holy Life, and performing all Holy Duties.

Understand that this Holy Nature within you has its Root and Life in Christ in Heaven, and can only Grow and Become Strong as the Intercourse between it and its source is Uninterrupted.

And above all, Believe Most Confidently that Jesus Christ Himself delights in Maintaining that New Nature within you, and Imparting to it His Own Strength and Wisdom for its Work.

Let That Faith Lead you daily to the Surrender of all self-confidence.