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Absolute Surrender

Absolute Surrender

Absolute Surrender to God!

That was the Very Root of Christ’s Life.

He Came as a man whom God Had Sent into the world and as a man who had nothing to do but Fulfill the Will of God, and He Came as a man who had nothing in Himself but who every day Depended Upon God and Waited For God to Teach Him and to Speak Words Through Him and to Show Him the Works He Had To Do.

He Lived a Life of Absolute Surrender to God.

God’s Will, God’s Honor, God’s Kingdom – He Lived and He Died for Them.

God was Christ’s Joy, and the Fountain of Living Waters to Him, and it was His Delight and His Strength to Live In God and For God.

The Will of God was His Meat and Refreshment and Strength.