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All My Gifts

All My Gifts

All my gifts and powers are, even though I be a child of God, still defiled by sin, and under the power of the flesh.

I CANNOT at once proceed to use them for God’s Glory.

I MUST FIRST Lay them at Christ’s Feet, to be Accepted and Cleansed by Him.

I am utterly powerless to Use them Aright.

They are MOST DANGEROUS to me, BECAUSE through them the flesh, the old nature, self, will so easily exert its power.

I MUST Part with them, Giving them Entirely Up to the Lord.

When He has Accepted them, and Set His Stamp Upon them, I Receive them back, to Hold them as HIS PROPERTY, to Wait On Him for the Grace to Use them Aright day by day, and to have them Act ONLY Under His Influence.