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But The Father is the Vinedresser

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But The Father is the Vinedresser

In your flesh dwells no good thing, and that flesh, though Crucified with Christ, is not yet dead, but will continually seek to rise and lead you to evil.

But the Father is the Vinedresser!

He has Grafted the Life of Christ on your life.

That Holy Life is Mightier than your evil life;

Under the Watchful Care of the Vinedresser, that New Life can keep down the workings of the evil life within you.

The evil nature is there, with its unchanged tendency to rise up and show itself.

BUT the New Nature is there Too! the Living Christ, your Sanctification, is there! and through Him all your powers can be Sanctified as they Rise Into Life, and be Made to Bear Fruit to the Glory of the Father.