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Falls Ill

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Falls Ill

Every time the Believer falls ill the first thing he should do is to inquire after its cause before the Lord.

He should NOT be overanxious in seeking healing.

We must examine whether we have disobeyed the Lord, have sinned anywhere, owe anybody a debt, have violated some natural law, or have neglected some special duty.

We ought to know that frequently our violation of natural law can constitute a sin against God, for God sets up these natural laws by which to govern the universe.

Many are afraid to die; upon becoming sick they hurriedly seek out physicians, for they are anxious to be cured.

Such ought NOT to be the Christian’s attitude.

He should first attempt to isolate the cause for his malady.

Alas, how many brothers and sisters do not possess any patience.

Are you so afraid to lose your precious life that through prayer you lay hold of God for healing yet simultaneously lay hold of a physician for drugs and an injection?

This reveals how full of self you are.

But then how could you be less full of self in sickness if you are filled with self during ordinary days?

Those who are ordinarily full of self will be those who anxiously seek for healing just as soon as they get sick.