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Friday May 24 2024


when the Christ—our life—may have appeared, then we will also appear with Him in glory.



And I say, “Woe to me, for I have been silent, || For I [am] a man of unclean lips, || And I am dwelling in [the] midst of a people of unclean lips, || Because the King, YHWH of Hosts, my eyes have seen.”

DANIEL 10.8-9

and I have been left by myself, and I see this great vision, and there has been no power left in me, and my splendor has been turned in me to corruption, indeed, I have not retained power. And I hear the voice of his words, and when I hear the voice of his words, then I have been in a trance on my face, and my face [is] to the earth;


JOHN 15.9

According as the Father loved Me, I also loved you, remain in My love;


MARK 11.22-24

And Jesus answering says to them, “Have faith from God; for truly I say to you that whoever may say to this mountain, Be taken up, and be cast into the sea, and may not doubt in his heart, but may believe that the things that he says come to pass, it will be to him whatever he may say. Because of this I say to you, all whatever—praying—you ask, believe that you receive, and it will be to you.


PSALM 132.8

Arise, O YHWH, to Your rest, || You, and the Ark of Your strength,