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The graft has to be torn away from the tree where it by nature grew, and to be cut into conformity to the place prepared for it in the wounded stem.

Even so the Believer has to be made Conformable to Christ’s death – to be Crucified and to die with Him.

The wounded stem and the wounded graft are cut to fit into each other, into each other’s likeness.

There is a Fellowship between Christ’s sufferings and your sufferings.

His experiences must become yours.

The disposition He manifested in choosing and bearing the Cross must be yours.

Like Him, you will have to give full assent to the Righteous judgment and curse of a Holy God against sin.

Like Him, you have to consent to yield your life, as laden with sin and curse, to death, and through it to pass to the New Life.

Like Him, you shall experience that it is only through the self-sacrifice of Gethsemane and Calvary that the path is to be found to the joy and the fruit-bearing of the Resurrection Life.