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Each time you Bow in Prayer, let there first be the act of simple devotion >>>

Father, I am in Christ; I now Abide in Him.

Each time you have, amidst the bustle of duty, the opportunity of self-recollection, let its first involuntary act be >>>

I am still in Christ, Abiding in Him now.

Even when overtaken by sin, and the heart within is all disturbed and excited, O let your first Look Upwards be with the words >>>

Father, I have sinned; and yet I come – though I blush to say it – as one who is in Christ. Father, here I am; I can take no other place; of God I am in Christ; I now Abide in Christ.

Yes, Christian, in every possible circumstance, every moment of the day, the voice is calling: Abide in Me, do it now.

And even now, as you are reading this, O come at once and enter upon the Blessed Life of Always Abiding, by doing it at once: do it now!