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There is a view of the Christian Life that regards it as a sort of partnership,

In which God and man have each to do their part.

TO THOSE who think thus, it is extremely difficult to understand what Scripture means when it Speaks of our being still and doing nothing, of our resting and waiting to see the Salvation of God.

It appears to THEM a perfect contradiction, when we speak of this quietness and ceasing from all efforts as the Secret of the highest activity of man and all his powers.

AND YET this is just what Scripture does teach.

The explanation of the apparent mystery is to be found in this, that when God and man are spoken of as Working Together, there is nothing of the idea of a partnership between two partners who each contribute their share to a work.

The Relation is a very different one.

The Trust Idea is that of Cooperation founded on Subordination.

AS JESUS was Entirely Dependent on the Father for all His Words and all His Works,

SO THE BELIEVER can do nothing of himself.

What I can do of myself is altogether sinful.

I must therefore Cease Entirely from my own doing, and Wait for the Working of God in me.

AS I CEASE from self-effort, Faith assures me that God Does what He has Undertaken, and works in me.