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Require Self Denial

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Require Self Denial

Our minds, by the Fall, are self-sufficient and require self-denial.

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Our Salvation consists of being Saved from ourselves or from that which we are by nature;

This Salvation was given to us in Great Humility by God, who Manifested Himself in human form.

The first Stipulation of this Savior to fallen man is: If you want to be My Follower you must Love Me more than…your own life.

To show that this is only the Beginning of man’s Salvation, Jesus also says: Let Me Teach you, because I am Humble and Gentle, and you will Find Rest for your souls.

What a Light is here for those who Love the Light.

Self is the whole evil of the fallen nature; self-denial enables us to become a Follower of Jesus, our Example of Humility.