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Christ Jesus Said

Christ Jesus Said

Christ Jesus Said

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Christ Jesus Said:

I am the Vine, ye are the branches.

In other words, I, the Living One who have so Completely Given Myself to you, am the Vine.

You cannot Trust Me too much.

I am the Almighty Worker, full of a Divine Life and Power.

You are the branches of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If there is in your heart the consciousness that you are not a strong, healthy, fruit-bearing branch, not Closely Linked to Jesus, not living in Him as you should be –

THEN Listen to Him say: I am the Vine, I will Receive you, I will Draw you to Myself, I will Bless you, I will Strengthen you, I will Fill you with My Spirit.

I, the Vine, have Taken you to be My branches, I have Given Myself Utterly to you; children, Give yourselves Utterly to Me.

I have Surrendered Myself as God Absolutely to you;

I became a man and died for you that I might be Entirely yours.

Come and Surrender yourselves Entirely to be Mine.