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His Omnipotence

His Omnipotence

His Omnipotence

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You feel yourself such a little worm.

His Omnipotence needed to keep a little worm!

Yes, His Omnipotence is need to keep every little worm that lives in the dust, and also to keep the universe,

And therefore His Omnipotence is much more needed in keeping your soul and mine from the power of sin.

His Omnipotence

His Omnipotence

I want to Worship God until my Whole Heart is Filled with the thought of His Omnipotence.

God is Almighty,

And the Almighty God offers Himself to Work in my heart,

To do the Work of Keeping me;

And I want to get Linked with Omnipotence,

Or rather, Linked to the Omnipotent One,

To the Living God,

And to have my place in the Hollow of His Hand.