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The suggestive expression,

Planted into the Likeness of His death,

Will teach us what the Abiding in the Crucified One means.

When a graft is united with the stock on which it is to grow, we know that it must be kept fixed,

It must abide in the place where the stock has been cut, been wounded, to make an opening to receive the graft.

No graft without wounding – the laying bare and opening up of the inner life of the tree to receive the stranger branch.

it is only through such wounding that access can be obtained to the fellowship of the sap and the growth and the life of the stronger stem.

Even so with Jesus and the sinner.

Only when we are Planted into the Likeness of His death shall we also be in the Likeness of His Resurrection, partakers of the Life and the Power there are in Him.