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Each time you Bow in Prayer, let there first be the act of simple devotion >>>

Father, I am in Christ; I now Abide in Him.

Each time you have, amidst the bustle of duty, the opportunity of self-recollection, let its first involuntary act be >>>

I am still in Christ, Abiding in Him now.

Even when overtaken by sin, and the heart within is all disturbed and excited, O let your first Look Upwards be with the words >>>

Father, I have sinned; and yet I come – though I blush to say it – as one who is in Christ. Father, here I am; I can take no other place; of God I am in Christ; I now Abide in Christ.

Yes, Christian, in every possible circumstance, every moment of the day, the voice is calling: Abide in Me, do it now.

And even now, as you are reading this, O come at once and enter upon the Blessed Life of Always Abiding, by doing it at once: do it now!



Jesus Saves me now.

Jesus is to me at this moment all that God Gave Him to be –

Life and Strength and Peace –

I have but as I say it to Hold Still, and Rest, and Realize It,

And for that moment I have what I need.

Now I Abide in Christ.



Historically speaking, the Kingdom of Heaven lies in the future; it is yet to come.

But Jesus has Already Given the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to us.

He wants us to Open the Doors of the Kingdom to Release all that is of the Kingdom into the very place that we Now occupy.