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Spiritual foolishness may not be readily discerned in the world, but the Tarrying of the Lord is the acid test.

At the beginning, both the wise and the foolish Receive the Same Light.

And the latter may therefore ridicule the former for being cumbered about with Carrying Extra Oil.

Oh how many are fit to be Raptured at first but render themselves unfit later on!

This is due to the delay of the Lord.

Indeed, it is the evil servant who thinks that the Lord will delay His Return;

Just the opposite, though, is the foolish virgin who imagines that the Lord will come earlier!

The parable of the evil servant teaches Believers to be Ready to Meet the Lord today, while the parable of the ten virgins instructs us to be Prepared for any unexpected delay of the Lord’s Return.

What is being emphasized here is not the initial burning BUT whether there is EXTRA OIL in the Vessel for longer burning.