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Saving Us

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Saving Us

Our God, though desirous of Saving us, CANNOT be unrighteous.

He THEREFORE Gave us His Son that He might Die for us on the Cross.

We have sinned, and hence we should be punished; but we have the Cross to Present to God.

Before God Granted us the Cross, we would have nothing to say if He had decided to punish us.

But since He has Given us the Cross, He cannot but Forgive our sins and Accept us.

Let us remember that upon our once having the Cross, our Salvation is based on the Righteousness of God.

Without the Cross none can be Saved, since God cannot be unrighteous.

But with the Cross, God has no way not to Save us, because we are Saved Justly.

The Lord Jesus has Taken our punishment; THEREFORE, the Forgiveness of our sins is Perfectly Rightoues.

God cannot thoughtlessly Forgive us; He Forgives in Accordance with His Righteous Procedure.