He Does

He Does

Your great work is to listen, and hear, and believe what He Promises;

To watch and wait and see what He Does;

And then, in faith, and worship, and obedience, to yield yourself to His Working

Who Works in you Mightily.

Wait in Silence

Wait in Silence

My soul, wait in silence for God only,
For my hope is from Him.

God is a refuge for us.

Beginning of Faith

Beginning of Faith

As long as we are something, God cannot be all,

And His Omnipotence cannot do its Full Work.

This is the Beginning of Faith – utter despair of self,

A ceasing from man and everything on earth,

And finding our hope in God alone.

God's Covenant

God’s Covenant

God’s Covenant is: give all and take all.

One who is willing to be nothing but a Branch of Christ, the Vine,

Will receive liberty to claim Christ’s Riches in all their fullness

And the wisdom and humility to use them properly.

Live as a Branch

Live as a Branch

Live as a branch

Depending on the Vine for Strength.

The source of Power in Prayer is the Vine.

If we are branches, Abiding in Christ, the Vine, He will supply the Power.



At the bottom of all Faith there is a feeling of helplessness.

Faith always means helplessness. Utter helplessness.

A man must learn to say: I give up everything; I have tried and longed, and thought and prayed, but failure has come.

I can do nothing!




Perseverance, determination, and intensity.

It begins with the refusal to readily accept denial.

This develops into a determination to persevere, to spare no time or trouble, until an answer comes.

This grows in intensity until the whole being is given to God in supplication.

Boldness comes to lay hold of God’s strength.

At one time it is quiet; at another, bold.

At one point it waits in patience, but at another, it claims at once what it desires.

In whatever shape, persistence always means and knows that God hears prayer; I must be heard.