Royal Right

Royal Right

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Nothing shows more nobility of character than the spirit of enterprise and daring which battles major difficulties and conquers.

So should we who are Christians be able to face the difficulties that we meet in Prayer.

As we Work and Strive in Prayer, the Renewed Will Asserts its Royal Right to Claim what it Will in the Name of Jesus.

O Yield

O Yield Yourself

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O yield yourself this very day to the Blessed Saviour in the Surrender of the one thing He Asks of you.

Give up yourself to Abide in Him!

He Himself will Work it in you.

You can Trust Him to Keep you Trusting and Abiding.

I Do Abide

I Do Abide

O my Jesus,

If Thou Biddest me,

And if Thou Engagest to Lift and Keep me There,

I will Venture.

Trembling, but Trusting,

I will say: Jesus, I do Abide in Thee.

Gaze On

Gaze On

Gaze on the Love that Beams in Those Eyes, and that Asks whether you cannot Trust Him, who Sought and Found and Brought you Nigh, now to Keep you.

Gaze on that Arm of Power, and say whether you have reason to be Assured that He is Indeed Able to Keep you Abiding in Him.



Union with Himself,

And so with the Father,

Is His highest object.

Fix your eye on this,

And Gaze

Until it stand out before you clear and unmistakable.

Christ’s Aim is to have me Abiding in Him.



It is impossible for man to do it.

What is impossible with man is Possible with God.

Command of Love

Command of Love

Abide in Me!

These words are no law demanding from the sinful what they cannot perform.

They are the Command of Love,

Which is ever only a Promise in a different shape.

Think of this until all feeling of burden and fear and despair pass away, and the first thought that comes as you hear of Abiding in Jesus be one of Bright and Joyous Hope;

It is for me, I know I shall enjoy it.