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In Thy Strong Hand

In Thy Strong Hand

In Thy Strong Hand I lay me down.

So shall the Work be Done;

For who can Work so Wondrously

As the Almighty One?

Through Prayer

Through Prayer

Through Prayer we obtain the Power that Rests on all our Activities.

God's Purpose Again

God’s Purpose Again

The Purpose of God is a Straight Line from Eternity to Eternity.

But man has fallen and failed to follow The Line.

Thank God, here is a Way of Salvation which is called Redemption.

Redemption Emerges as a Means to Keep man from going farther downward.

Once having been Redeemed, man is Transformed and he Commences Going Upward.

He Keeps Ascending till one day he Touches the Straight Line of God’s Purpose again.

This is the Time of the Arrival of the Kingdom.

Only One Reaction

Only One Reaction

The Lord has shown us that Christians should have only one reaction.

That reaction is neither reasoning nor enduring, but Transcending.

Remember, if it is not Transcendent, it is not Christian.

To be patient is insufficient for a Christian.

The Lord no longer says, an eye for an eye – if someone hurts my eye, I will hurt his.

He Says Instead, Add Another Eye.

If someone hurts my eye, I give him another.

Give Another Eye!



Jesus Saves me now.

Jesus is to me at this moment all that God Gave Him to be –

Life and Strength and Peace –

I have but as I say it to Hold Still, and Rest, and Realize It,

And for that moment I have what I need.

Now I Abide in Christ.

Waiting For Us

Waiting For Us

The silent delay of God is not outright rejection.

His delay is not an indication of any indifference.

He is instead waiting for us to come around.