Only that which comes out of Christ is the Church.

Human ability, capability, concept, power and all else that is of man himself are all outside of the Church.

Whatever is natural is outside of the Church.

That which comes from Christ alone is in the Church.


The Church must be that which is taken out of Christ.

The Church is but another form of Christ even as Eve was the other form of Adam.



This is the forordination of God.

This is what He has predetermined in His Heart and what He will do for His good pleasure.

He does what He desires.

He wants Christ; He also wants a Church that is like Christ.

He wants Christ to rule as well as He wants a Church ruling together with Christ.

As Christ needs a companion in battle, so He needs a companion in glory.

What God requires of the Church is for her to be like Christ in all things.

He wants Christ to have a companion.