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Gladly Give It

Gladly Give It

Gladly Give It

Oh! how many Christians look upon it as a burden and a tax, and a duty, and a difficulty to be often Alone With God!

That is the great hindrance to our Christian Life everywhere.

We need More Quiet Fellowship with God,

And I tell you in the Name of the Heavenly Vine that you cannot be Healthy branches, branches into which the Heavenly Sap can Flow, unless you take Plenty of Time for Communion with God.

If you are not willing to Sacrifice time to get Alone With Him, and to Give Him time every day to Work in you, and to Keep Up the Link of Connection between you and Himself, He cannot Give you that Blessing of His Unbroken Fellowship.

Jesus Christ Asks you to Live in Close Communion with Him.

Let every heart say: O, Christ, it is this I long for, it is this I choose.

And He will Gladly Give it to you.