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God's Light

God's Light

God’s Light

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When God’s Light First Shines into my heart my one cry is for Forgiveness, for I realize I have committed sins before Him;

But when once I have Received Forgiveness of sins I make a new discovery, namely, the discovery of sin, and I realize not only that I have committed sins before God but that there is something wrong within.

I discover that I have the nature of a sinner.

There is an inward inclination to sin, a power within that draws to sin.

When that power breaks out I commit sins.

I may seek and receive Forgiveness, but then I sin once more.

So life goes on in a vicious circle of sinning and being forgiven and then sinning again.

I appreciate the Blessed Fact of God’s Forgiveness, but I want something more than that: I want Deliverance.

I need Forgiveness for what I have done, but I need also Deliverance from what I am.