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Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not to be in us a Power we can Possess, BUT He will Possess us.

Our Work Really is the Work of the Almighty Christ.

Our Whole Posture is that of Unceasing Dependence and Prayer and of Confident Expectation.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

The Lord Gives the Holy Spirit to EVERY SAINT in order that He may Dwell in him and Lead him into all Truth.

How does He Lead?

Through the Intuition.

He Unfolds His mind in the Believer’s spirit.

Intuition Possesses the inherent ability to Discern His Movement and Its Meaning.

He Works Very Quietly in one’s spirit to Impress something Upon our Intuition.

Our spirit Gently Senses the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

When Intuition is Aware of something, the spirit is Apprehending what He is Saying.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

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God’s Children ALREADY have the Holy Spirit Abiding in them,

BUT they may not Recognize Him or Obey Him.

They need to do so completely.

They must Realize that this Indwelling Presence is a Person, One who Teaches, Guides, and Communicates the Reality of Christ to them.

Until they are Willing to Acknowledge the foolishness and dullness of their soul and are ready to be Taught, they block the Way of this Person.

It is necessary for them to let Him Regulate EVERYTHING so as to Reveal the Truth.