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Name of Christ

Name of Christ

Name of Christ

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Abiding in Christ, we can fully avail ourselves of the Name of Christ.

Asking in the name of another means that that other authorized me and sent me to ask, and wants to be considered as asking himself; he wants the favor done to him.

The Promise “Whatsoever ye ask in My Name,” may NOT be severed from the Command, “Whatsoever ye do, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus.”

If the Name of Christ is to be Wholly at my disposal, so that I may have the Full Command of It for all I will, it MUST be because I first put myself Wholly at His Disposal, so that He has Free and Full Command of me.

It is the Abiding in Christ that gives the Right and Power to use His Name with Confidence.

To Christ the Father refuses nothing.

Abiding in Christ, I come to the Father as One with Him.

His Righteousness is in me, His Spirit is in me; the Father sees the Son in me, and Gives me my petition.