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The concept of Regeneration as found in the Bible speaks of the process of passing out of death into Life.

A man’s spirit before Regeneration is far away from God and is considered dead, for death is dissociation from Life and from God who is the Fountain of Life.

Death is hence separation from God.

Man’s spirit is dead and therefore unable to Commune with Him.

Either his soul controls him and plunges him into a life of ideas and imaginations, or the lusts and habits of his body stimulate him and reduce his soul to servitude.

Man’s spirit needs to be Quickened because it is born dead.

The New Birth the Lord Jesus Spoke about is the New Birth of the Spirit.

It is certainly not a physical birth, nor is it a soulical one.

New Birth Imparts God’s Life to the spirit of man.

Inasmuch as Christ has Atoned for our soul and destroyed the principle of the flesh, so we who are Joined to Him Participate in His Resurrection Life.

We have been United with Him in His death; consequently it is in our spirit that we first Reap the Realization of His Resurrection Life.

New Birth is something which happens entirely within the spirit; it has no relation to soul or body.