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Never forget for a moment that your Whole Relationship to God Depends on what you think of sin and of yourself as a Redeemed sinner.

It is sin that makes God’s Holiness so Awful.

It is sin that makes God’s Holiness so Glorious,

Because He has said: So set yourselves Apart to be Holy, for I, the Lord, am your God… I am the Lord, you Makes you Holy.

It is sin that called for the the Wonderful Love of God in not sparing His Son.

It was sin that nailed Jesus to the Cross and Revealed the depth and the power of the Love with which He Loved.

It is the thought of sin, ever surrounding you and seeking to tempt you, that will give Fervency to your Prayer and Urgency to the Faith that Hides itself in Christ.

It is the thought of sin that Makes Christ so Unspeakably Precious. It Keeps you every moment Dependent on His Grace and Gives you the Claim to be More Than Conqueror through Him that Loved us.

It is the thought of sin that Calls to us to Thank God with the Broken and Contrite Heart, which God will not despise.