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Oh the discovery of lack in the five foolish ones.

They discover their lack of oil because of the tarrying of the Bridegroom.

His tarrying is for the purpose of testing the wise and the foolish.

The foolish virgins no doubt deemed the five wise ones to have encumbered themselves unnecessarily in carrying oil in vessels, but now they too find the need for oil, and so they ask the wise virgins for it.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit may be Imparted, but the Fullness of the Holy Spirit CANNOT be transferred.

It is NOT enough simply to Ask for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

There is absolutely NO WAY to share other people’s oil, not even with parents, brothers and sisters, or close relations.

One’s Spiritual Fullness can come ONLY from Paying the Price himself.


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Only in two points do the two classes of Virgins differ: the wise ones carry oil in their vessels while the foolish do not; and the wise Virgins go in to the Marriage Feast where as the foolish ones are rejected.

They all are Virgins,

Have Lamps (the appearance),

They Bear Light (the conduct which Glorifies God),

Have oil (the Holy Spirit),

Go forth to meet the bridegroom (waiting),


Hear the midnight cry,

Arise (Resurrection),

And trim their Lamps (prepare oil).

Yet however numerous are their similarities and seemingly limited are their differences, the consequences for each group are far, far apart.

What care must we therefore exercise!

Whatever may be the cause, that will be the effect.

Today’s difference will produce tomorrow’s divergence.

The glory or shame in the age to come is decided today.



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Virgins, foolish or not, are Saved Ones.




Only Christians can adopt this term.

The One Purpose is to Go Forth with their Lamps to Meet the Bridegroom.