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The Consecration Now

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The Consecration Now

The earlier Consecration was to place ourselves wholly in the Lord’s Hand that He might Work in us.

The Consecration now, however, is not for the sake of receiving anything from the Lord but rather, once having been Wrought Upon by the Lord, we give back to Him the Joy, the Fruit and the Glory of His Work.

So here now it is the Offering Up of the Fragrance of the Fruits.

First was for the sake of the Lord’s Gaining an Opportunity to Plant;

Now is not for Planting but Wholly for Enjoyment.

In times past, we were like a barren land beyond cultivation.

We offered this barren-like soil of ours to the Lord and allowed Him to Cultivate it and Transform it into a Perfect Garden.

Now the issue in view is, for whom is this garden going to be?

Such Consecration now gives the Lord the Fruits of His Labor.